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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

【イランvs.イギリス 危険な状態】




UK reveals Iran dispute evidence (BBC NEWS)

The Royal Navy says satellite data proves 15 personnel being held in Iran were 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters when they were seized.

Vice Admiral Charles Style said the sailors were "ambushed" after the search of a vessel and that their detention was "unjustified and wrong".

Prime Minister Tony Blair told the Commons it was now time to "ratchet up" diplomatic pressure on Iran.

Iran has insisted the group were in its waters when they were taken on Friday.

The eight sailors and seven marines, based on HMS Cornwall, which has its home port in Plymouth, were taken at gunpoint by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as they returned after searching a boat.

At a briefing in London on Wednesday, the Ministry of Defence said it "unambiguously contested" claims that the navy personnel had strayed into Iranian waters.


PM warns Iran over Navy captives (BBC NEWS)

Efforts to secure the release of 15 Royal Navy personnel held by Iran will enter a "different phase" if diplomatic moves fail, Tony Blair has said.




Oil price rises on Iran tension (BBC NEWS)

The price of oil has risen by more than a dollar, with the market anxious after rumours about US conflict with Iran.

"The market has been on pins and needles with the Iran situation," said Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading.

US crude oil rose $1.02 in early Asian trade to $63.95 a barrel, while Brent crude added $1.21 to $65.81.

Late on Tuesday, US crude oil hit a six-month high of $68 on speculation that the West and Iran had come to blows militarily - which the US denied.


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