Russian meteor causes blast; hundreds injured -


Moscow (CNN) -- A meteor streaked through the skies above Russia's Urals region Friday morning, before exploding with a flash and boom that shattered glass in buildings and left hundreds of people hurt.

The number of injured continues to rise as new reports come in from across a wide area.

Is this one of the sign of the times, I wonder…

PBS' NOVA to Premiere Documentary on 'Rise of the Drones'

via Mashable

The documentary will tackle both the military and civilian side of drone technology, exploring how the military trains drone pilots at the Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico, as well as the role drones will play in domestic law enforcement.

There are controversies in both of these worlds. Are drone strikes in accordance with international law? Are they killing too many civilians? "We’ve entered an era where we’re conducting an array of operations using unmanned systems that in a previous generation we would have called war, and we would have treated like war," Peter W. Singer, an expert in the future of warfare, says in the documentary. "When you’re conducting more than 300 air strikes in a country, you’re conducting an equivalent of at least an ‘Air War’ campaign. But we don’t call it that now."

On the civilian side, most of the questions are related to privacy and security. Can citizens' privacy be respected when there are thousands of eyes in the sky? "I think anybody that can use a device to peer into your activities even if it’s the air outside your window or the air above your property, I think there is a right to privacy," Rep. Rand Paul tells NOVA. "The worry is that in two [to] three years we will have 30,000 drones crisscrossing the sky accumulating all this information."

Obama to use Lincoln's and Martin Luther King's Bibles for swearing-in | World news | The Guardian


President Barack Obama is putting a symbolic twist on a time-honored tradition, taking the oath of office for his second term with his hand placed not on a single Bible but on two – one owned by Martin Luther King Jr and one by Abraham Lincoln.

The use of King's Bible is particularly significant since the inauguration is on 21 January, the federal holiday in honour of the civil rights leader, who delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech 50 years ago at the Lincoln memorial. Obama will be facing the memorial as he takes the oath. King's Bible, which his children say he used early in his career as a preacher, has never been part of a presidential inauguration.

image: President Barack Obama gives his inauguration address during the public ceremonial inauguration on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 21, 2013 in Washington, DC.

There were some great words and phrases in his speech, some of which were historically remarkable actually, and that go in line with “I have a dream” speech by civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr.

But putting his words into action would be very tough job for him during next four years term.

And I sincerely hope that he will not be crucified by his own words.  

Original Batmobile sold for $4.2m at US auction


The Batmobile used by actor Adam West in the original TV series of Batman has sold for $4.2m (£2.6m) at a US auction.

The car was bought by Rick Champagne, a logistics company owner from Phoenix, Arizona.

The 56-year-old, who was just 10 when the high-camp TV series began in 1966, said it "was a dream come true".

The Batmobile design was based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura, a concept car built in Italy by the Ford Motor Company.

It was the first time that car had come up for public sale since it was bought in 1965 by car-customiser George Barris, who transformed it in 15 days, at the cost of $15,000 (£9,400), into the superhero's famous vehicle.

The Batmobile was definitely one of my Dream Car when I was a kid…  I have not seen it for very long time, but I think it still looks awesome!

【Swan Song by Bush】

Bush touts accomplishments, admits mistakes (CNN.COM)







"Clearly, putting a 'Mission Accomplished' [banner] on an aircraft carrier was a mistake," Bush said about how his administration handled the fall of Baghdad to U.S. troops. "It sent the wrong message."

He termed other aspects of the U.S. invasion of Iraq "disappointments," including the failure to find weapons of mass destruction and the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

"I don't know if you want to call those mistakes or not, but they were -- things didn't go according to plan, let's put it that way," Bush said.









【And the Winner is・・・・Obama!】






Condoleezza Rice on Obama: As an African American, I am Proud (YouTube)


Obama's victory caps struggles of previous generations (CNN.COM)





Yes We Can! どころか、Anything is Possible!なんだそうだ。

Pinch Me ...a message from Michael Moore (

An African American has been elected President of the United States! Anything is possible! We can wrestle our economy out of the hands of the reckless rich and return it to the people. Anything is possible! Every citizen can be guaranteed health care. Anything is possible! We can stop melting the polar ice caps. Anything is possible! Those who have committed war crimes will be brought to justice. Anything is possible.

かと思うと、マケイン候補の勝利を信じ、最後まで共和党をプッシュし続けたFOX Newsの意気消沈振りをリポートする記事もある。


Watching Them Squirm: Is Fox News Abandoning the Mob It Created? (

The first polls had just closed when the Republican Right's "Agony of Defeat" moment arrived. It was just after 8 p.m. -- right as Fox's "America's Election HQ" show returned from a commercial break, and Brit Hume welcomed viewers back to his "Fair and Balanced" network.

But something wasn't right: There was a strange lack of background banter, none of the golf-buddy joshing that comes with overconfidence. There was just Bergman-esque silence between every one of Brit Hume's dramatic pauses. The Fox cameras wandered over an incredible scene: the cream of right-wing/neocon punditry -- William Kristol, Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke -- were caught slumped in their chairs during the commercial break, deep in a state of hopelessness and depression.








「ブレトンウッズ2」の新世界秩序 (田中宇の国際ニュース)

「ブレトンウッズ2」の新世界秩序#2 (田中宇の国際ニュース)



それより気になるのは、オバマ氏が演説にも引用したリンカーンも、キング牧師も、そしてケネディーも、全員暗殺されているという事実。Bad Karmaだ。


気になるのは、パウエル氏がオバマ候補支持を表明したmsnbcの「Meet The Press」内での発言だ。

Collin Powell endorses Obama ('Meet the Press' transcript for Oct. 19, 2008)

Powell: New President facing a 'daunting period' (msnbc video)

MR. BROKAW:  If you were called into the Oval Office on January 21st by the new president, whoever it happens to be, and he said to you, "General Powell, I need from you your recommendation on where I begin.  What should be my priorities?" Where would you start?

GEN. POWELL:  I would start with talking to the American people and talking to the world, and conveying a new image of American leadership, a new image of America's role in the world.

The problems will always be there, and there's going to be a crisis come along in the 21st or 22nd of January that we don't even know about right now.  And so I think what the president has to do is to start using the power of the Oval Office and the power of his personality to convince the American people and to convince the world that America is solid, America is going to move forward, and we're going to fix our economic problems, we're going to meet our overseas obligations.  But restoring a sense of purpose, a sense of confidence in the American people and, in the international community, in America.

ブロコー(MC) 「オバマ大統領から"私は何からはじめたらよいか?"

パウエル 「まずアメリカ国民と世界に向けて直接語りかけ、新しいイメージのアメリカとアメリカの役割をアピールするようにアドバイスするでしょう。






【金融崩壊はテロだった by Huckabee】




■「金融市場崩壊はテロ」説が登場 (WIRED VISION

Huckabee氏はFox Newsの番組で、こう語った。






Clinton's new job: Persuading diehard fans to back Obama (CNN.COM)


予想されたことだけど、ヒラリーが「オバマ支持」を表明した際にオーディエンスから巻き起こったブーイングは、その後何度も、時にはオバマの選挙コピー「YES, WE CAN!」をそのまま引用してオバマ支持を訴えるたびごとに聞こえてきた。





この問題の解決策として、予備選当初から云われていた「GOLDEN TICKET」=ヒラリーが副大統領候補としてオバマとコンビを組むという可能性については、否定的な見解が多いようだ。





【祝!「fashiontv 」がe2 by スカパー!で放送スタート】



このfashiontvの放送は、「e2 by スカパー!(Ch.291)」で観ることが出来る。





■おとといCNNを観ていたらLARRY KING LIVEで昨年に引き続き、今年1月8日にTEXASで起きたUFO騒動について、軍関係の目撃者やUFOLOGYの専門家、そしてもちろん懐疑派の専門家も出演して真剣なディスカッションを繰り広げていていた。(TRANSCRIPTS: UFOS: QUESTIONS & CONTROVERSY)

ところで、LARRY KING LIVEでは昨年11月12日にワシントンDCの記者クラブで開催された7カ国・15名の政府関係者、軍関係者や諜報機関関係者などによる大規模なUFOの目撃の宣誓証言の記者会見の出演者たちをゲストに、何本かの貴重な映像資料と一緒に、その内容を相当詳しく紹介していた。(CNN Video/ Larry King: Are UFOs for real?)(TRANSCRIPTS/UFOs: Are They for Real?)

この記者会見をオーガナイズしたのは、去年の3月に例のPHENIX LIGHTの目撃をCOMING OUTした、元アリゾナ州知事のFIFE SYMINGTONさん(上写真最後列の左から2番目)だという。(参考:【祝!フランス国立宇宙研究センターがUFO情報を公開】



Click on the name to read the statement

Wilfried DE BROUWER, Major General, Ret.
After spending 20 years as a fighter pilot, he was appointed to the Strategic Planning Branch in NATO while a Colonel in 1983. He then became Wing Commander of the Belgian Air Force Transport Wing and, in 1989, chief of the Operations Division in the Air Staff. It was in this function that he was confronted with the Belgian UFO wave. Promoted to Major General in 1991, he became Deputy Chief of Staff of the Belgian Air Force, in charge of Operations, Planning and Human Resources. General De Brouwer retired in 1995 and subsequently worked more than ten years as consultant in the United Nations to improve the UN Logistics rapid response capabilities during emergencies.

Dr. Claude POHER, engineer, astronomer and astrophysicist.
Had a 33 year career in space research at CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), the French equivilant of NASA and was awarded the National Order of Merit. In 1977, he created and directed, at CNES, the GEPAN (Groupe d’Etude des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non identifiés ; Group for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena), the official French agency dedicated to the investigation and analysis of UFO reports. (Today, the agency is called GEIPAN.) He investigated numerous well-documented UFO cases while training investigators for GEPAN.

Jean-Charles DUBOC, Captain, Air France, Ret.
While piloting an Airbus A 320 over France in 1994, he observed a large lens-shaped UFO at about 25 NM to the left of the plane, also seen by the copilot and one steward. It didn’t move and then disappeared after one minute almost instantaneously. Duboc reported the sighting to Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Operations (CODA); simultaneously CODA recorded an unidentified object on radar crossing the track of the plane. The object seemed to disappear from the radar scope at the same instant as it did from the view of the crew. CODA investigations ruled out a weather balloon or any other aircraft.

Dr. Jean-Claude RIBES, Astrophysicist.
Radio Astronomer, Paris Observatory and associate director of National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics. Member, New York Academy of Sciences. Contributed to the COMETA report, 1999, and the new book "Phenomenes spatiaux non identifies." As a long term consultant to GEIPAN, he was asked by the Steering Committee to represent GEIPAN at this event.

Parviz JAFARI, General, Iranian Air Force, Ret.
In 1976, as a major and squadron commander, he was ordered by the Air Force Command to approach, in his Phantom F-4 jet, a large UFO observed over Tehran. During a wild cat and mouse chase, he attempted to launch a Sidewinder missile at the brilliant object but at that instant his fire control consul became inoperable. The UFO exhibited an extraordinary degree of maneuverability. Other electromagnetic effects were reported. The object was pursued by a second pilot, recorded on radar and witnessed by a General and experienced air navigation crews. A US Government officer interviewed Jafari in Tehran and the incident was described in a detailed US Defense Intelligence Agency document, released through the Freedom of Information Act. The DIA assessment said “This case is a classic that meets all the necessary conditions for a legitimate study of the UFO phenomenon.” Later, as a General, Jafari became the coordinating officer between the Iranian Army, Navy and Air Force. He retired in 1989.

Rodrigo Bravo GARRIDO, Captain and Pilot for the Aviation Army of Chile.
In 2000, he was assigned to conduct an internal study titled "Introduction to Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon and their considerations for aerospace security" involving previous case reports military planes encounters with UAP. For the last several years he has continued this research on recent and current cases affecting aviation safety in cooperation with the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), a branch of the General Administration of Civil Aeronautics, Chile's FAA.

Comandante Oscar Alfonso SANTA MARIA HUERTAS
Commander with the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), Ret. Specialization as an Air Force fighter jet pilot. In 1980, while a FAP Lieutenant, he encountered a UFO while flying his SU-22 "SUKOI" jet over the La Joya Military Base. He fired at the object, strafing it with sixty-four 30mm rounds, but the UFO remained unaffected. A US Department of Defense document for the CIA and the NSA, titled “UFO Sighted in Peru,” describes the incident. “The Peruvian Air Force tried to intercept and destroy the UFO, but without success," it states, adding that the vehicle’s origin remains unknown. CMDT Santa Maris is currently a Flight Safety and Accident Prevention Consultant for the airline industry.

Dr. Anthony CHOY
Lawyer and founding member in 2001 of the Air Anomalous Phenomenon Investigation Office (OIFAA), of the Peruvian Air Force, with a Masters from the Peruvian Air Force in High Management in Defense and Aerospace Development. He conducted a three year investigation on a sequence of sightings and landings of a UFO on behalf of the OIFAA in 2002, which were recorded on video. In 2003, this case became the first official UFO investigation in Perú to be disclosed by the Air Force.

Ray BOWYER, Captain, Aurigny Airlines.
In April 2007 he observed a UFO estimated as being up to a mile long, visible from about 50 miles away, in the vicinity of the Channel Islands. Some of his passengers saw the object, as did at least one other pilot in the area. An anomalous radar return was detected and the incident was reported by the BBC.

Nick POPE, official for the UK's Ministry of Defence from 1985 to 2006.
From 1991 to 1994, he was the desk officer responsible for investigating officially documented UFO sightings to determine whether they involved any potential threat to the UK. As a result of his thorough study of some incidents involving the police and military during his watch, he and some colleagues became privately convinced that there were important defense, national security and flight safety issues involved with the unexplained phenomenon.

Also stationed at RAF Bentwaters, he witnessed a landed UFO with two military patrolman in nearby Rendlesham Forest. He conducted a 45 minute ground investigation and filed an official report. He has the original log book with drawings including details of symbols on the craft; radiation records; and plaster casts of landing gear imprints. He is the only person out the three witnesses that actually touched the UFO.

Charles HALT, Col. USAF Ret.
Deputy Base Commander of RAF Bentwaters, former US Air Force facility in the UK. He witnessed multiple UFOs at close range with six other military personnel in December, 1980, and documented this event on a pocket tape recorder. He also saw a UFO shooting beams into sensitive weapons storage areas at the base. He wrote an official memorandum for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) describing a UFO maneuvering through the forest and ascending, which was released through the US Freedom of Information Act.

Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington DC, for 6 years during the 1980’s. He investigated an incident in which a 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight was followed by an unidentified object for 31 minutes over Alaska. The UFO also trailed a United Airlines flight until the flight landed. Data includes visual confirmation, air-based and ground-based radar confirmation, videotape radar evidence, air traffic voice communications and official reports.

Two term Governor of Arizona in the nineties; cousin of the late Missouri Senator Stuart Symington; former Captain, USAF. While Governor, he witnessed to a massive craft up to a mile across over Arizona in 1997, also seen by hundreds of citizens. Although he attempted to investigate at the time, he also publicly spoofed the sighting so as not to add to the public hysteria, while keeping his own observation secret. He first revealed his sighting last March, and states that the craft is of unknown origin and the incident remains unsolved.





ちなみに、この両方の番組に出演していたのは、UFOのドキュメンタリー映画「OUT OF THE BLUE」の製作者のJAMES FOXで、番組内ではその映像が大量に使用されていたが、この記者会見の企画自体JAMES FOX氏によるもので、彼のサイトで記者会見の模様を一部観ることが出来るし(OUT OF THE BLUE / NEWS)、近々に会見の模様をまとめたDVDもリリースされるようだ。

そういえば、前述のLARRY KING LIVE "UFOs: Are They for Real?"には、何とアノ“元祖NEW AGER”である女優のシャーリー・マクレーンも出演していて、非常に興味深い意見を述べていた。

KING: And you've got -- the Vatican said something?

MACLAINE: Yes. Now, this is interest in relation to the question and problem of religion and God. Padre Balducci -- a wonderful man, Monsignor Balducci -- very close to each pope. He has come out with a statement. You see how thick it is, so I can't read it. They're real, they have discussed what to do about it. Vatican intelligence would really like to discuss it.
That's the problem here. We need the governments to reveal these files. The Chinese have done it. The Brazilians have done it. The French did it about a month ago and it so lit up their switchboard it crashed their Net.
So I think the people are way ahead of military intelligence.

KING: Well, what is the -- since they're not attacking us and they have been seen for years, what's the fear?
What's the government's fear?

MACLAINE: That's an interesting question. I've been working with Paul Hillard. He's the minister -- the ex-minister of defense, Canada, under Trudeau. He is upset because the Americans are planning the weaponization of space, as though they are enemies.

KING: Really?

MACLAINE: Yes. And it is very troubling to him. It came out of a project called Project Paper Clip, in which -- and this is what Eisenhower warned us against -- the sustention of the military industrial complex. In order to extend the power and the funding of the military industrial complex, you have to be afraid of things. Number one was communism. If that petered out, number two is terrorism. That's here for a while.
Number three is asteroids.
And number four is extraterrestrials.
So there might be a built in reasoning here to have induced fear just to keep the military industrial complex going.


■Life on Mars? Amazing photos from Nasa probe reveal mystery figure on Red Planet (DAILY MAIL)


ただこの写真に関していうと、確かに“BIG FOOT”のような人影が歩いているようにも見えるけれど、DAILY MAIL誌のサイトに掲載されている他の写真と並べてみると、もしかしたら単なる光の加減で岩陰がそのように見えているのではないかとも思える。(NASAのサイトのイメージファイル:ファイルを拡大すると左の端っこのほうに居る)


少なくともCNNのような世界中で視聴されているチャンネルで、しかもアメリカ大統領をはじめとする世界の主要な政治指導者や、ハリウッド・スターやセレブリティが頻繁にゲスト出演する(つまり極めて重要な番組として認知されている)LARRY KING LIVEのような番組で、しごく真面目にUFOが語られるのは、その内容もそうだけれど、よく考えてみれば物凄いことだ。

もしかしたら、LARRY KINGはアメリカ政府公認の“UFO広報担当官”だったりして?

ところで日本のマスメディアでは冒頭の記者会見は全く報道されていないけれど、どうしてなんだろうね?このサイト(Media Coverage of Nov.12th UFO Press Conference)を見ると、人民日報なんかも取り上げているのに日本のメディアは皆無・・・。まったくどうなっちゃってんの?

ちなみに、LARRY KING LIVEの番組の中で、出演者の一人が、「本格的な情報公開が近づいていると思う。ブラジルやイギリス、オーストラリアや日本など、次々に各国の政府機関がファイルを公開しはじめている。日本が打ち上げた月面観測衛星(かぐや)が撮影した映像の中に巨大な物体が写っていたことがわかり、その直後に突然日本の閣僚3名が、UFOの存在を認める発言をしているのは興味深いことだ。」というコメントがあって驚いた。

KING: Ken, was that you that wanted to say something?

CHERRY: Yes. Yes. I think we are getting closer to full disclosure. We have government after government that are opening their files -- the Brazilians, the British, the Australians, the Japanese. We've had three cabinet members recently express their belief in UFOs. And I find it kind of interesting that they now have a satellite crisscrossing the moon taking photos and there have been some anomalous objects in some of those photographs. And suddenly three high-ranking cabinet members that say hey, we believe in UFOs.


【ブーイングは無かったけれど 2007年一般教書演説】

支持率28%と完全にLAME DUCK状態のブッシュ大統領。民主党がマジョリティーを占める議会と初めて対峙する今年の一般教書演説は、なかなか面白いものだった。




Of his escalation plan, he said: "Our military commanders and I have carefully weighed the options. We discussed every possible approach. In the end, I chose this course of action because it provides the best chance of success." Left unsaid was that he had fired those generals who disagreed. His plan garnered only scattered applause from the Republicans, while the Dems sat on their hands.(AlterNet)

まさに「大統領 VS. 議会」の対立構造が鮮明に成った瞬間だ。







今やアメリカ人の70%が「国が誤った方向に進んでいる。」と感じ、ベトナム戦争の時を上回る62%の人が「イラク戦争は間違いだった。」と認め、過半数を超える52%が、「イラクの治安が悪化するとしても、撤退すべきだ」と思っている。(CBS POLL:Most Unpopular President Since Nixon)









心配された電子投票システムは、各地で色々と問題は発生したものの、共和党を勝たせるほどの不具合は起きなかったようだ。(CNET Japan


Rumsfeld quitting as defense secretary (CNN.COM)

Rumsfeld Resigns Over Iraq [VIDEO] (AlterNet)

Bush 'the assessor' Lied about Rumsfeld [VIDEO] (AlterNet)





後任は1991~1993年までパパブッシュ政権下でCIA長官を勤めたロバート・ゲーツ(Robert M. Gates)という人物。(GATES' BIO)

彼はベーカー/ハミルトン委員会(The Iraq Study Group)のメンバーで、つまりブッシュ大統領としてはイラク政策の見直しと軌道修正に関わっているボブ・ゲーツをラムズフェルドの後任に据える事で、ベーカー等が代表する国際協調主義に方向転換する事への意思表示を明確にしたということだろう。










Editorial opens fire on Rumsfeld (BBC NEWS)

Four US military journals have called for Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to quit, accusing him of losing control of the situation in Iraq.

An editorial published on Monday said Mr Rumsfeld has lost the respect of senior officers and ordinary troops.

The editorial said that the call for Mr Rumsfeld to quit was not timed to coincide with US mid-term elections.

ちなみに最初に口火を切ったのは下記の「ARMY TIMES」だった。

Time for Rumsfeld to go (ARMY TIMES)

One rosy reassurance after another has been handed down by President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld: “mission accomplished,” the insurgency is “in its last throes,” and “back off,” we know what we’re doing, are a few choice examples.

Military leaders generally toed the line, although a few retired generals eventually spoke out from the safety of the sidelines, inciting criticism equally from anti-war types, who thought they should have spoken out while still in uniform, and pro-war foes, who thought the generals should have kept their critiques behind closed doors.

Now, however, a new chorus of criticism is beginning to resonate. Active-duty military leaders are starting to voice misgivings about the war’s planning, execution and dimming prospects for success.

Rumsfeld has lost credibility with the uniformed leadership, with the troops, with Congress and with the public at large. His strategy has failed, and his ability to lead is compromised. And although the blame for our failures in Iraq rests with the secretary, it will be the troops who bear its brunt.


Neo-Cons Fire Away at Bush Policies on Iraq (NPR)


As Iraq slips further into chaos, the war's neoconservative boosters have turned sharply on the Bush administration, charging that their grand designs have been undermined by White House incompetence. In a series of exclusive interviews, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, David Frum, and others play the blame game with shocking frankness. Target No. 1: the president himself.

According to Perle, who left the Defense Policy Board in 2004, this unfolding catastrophe has a central cause: devastating dysfunction within the administration of President George W. Bush. Perle says, "The decisions did not get made that should have been. They didn't get made in a timely fashion, and the differences were argued out endlessly.… At the end of the day, you have to hold the president responsible.… I don't think he realized the extent of the opposition within his own administration, and the disloyalty."

To David Frum, the former White House speechwriter who co-wrote Bush's 2002 State of the Union address that accused Iraq of being part of an "axis of evil," it now looks as if defeat may be inescapable, because "the insurgency has proven it can kill anyone who cooperates, and the United States and its friends have failed to prove that it can protect them." This situation, he says, must ultimately be blamed on "failure at the center"—starting with President Bush.




【安倍総理 CNNの"TALK ASIA"に出演】

■安倍総理、初の海外メディア・インタビューに応えるTALK ASIA (CNN.COM)

さっきCNNを観ていたら今週の「TALK ASIA」の番宣スポットに安倍総理が出ていた。








  Saturday: 2300
  Sunday: 0630, 2200
  Monday: 0630

Shinzo Abe is one of Japan's youngest Prime Ministers and the first to be born after World War II. He is the son of a former party secretary general and the grandson of a former Prime Minister. Outspoken on issues such as nuclear disarmament and regional security, the Prime Minister chose China and South Korea for his official visit since taking office in September. In his interview with CNN's Talk Asia -- his first to foreign media -- Shinzo Abe discusses the importance of US-Japanese ties, his vision for Japan and the region...and reveals the important role his wife has played in his career.



Googleが6月末の時点で1兆2000億円もの現金を持っていた(ITmedia News)というのも驚きだけど、2005年2月に設立されてからたったの1年と8ヶ月で約2000億円の価値を生んだYouTubeも、ITベンチャーとしては異例のサクセス・ストーリーに成るんじゃないかな。



 「YouTubeはオンラインビデオ市場の約50%を握っており、Google Videoと合わせると、トラフィックの60%近くを手にすることになる」と同氏は語り、16億5000万ドルという買収額はインターネットビジネスの評価額に沿ったものだと付け加えた。(ITmedia News



 Googleが今後1度でも著作権侵害で「御用」となるようなことがあれば、多くの株主訴訟につながると見る。Googleが、著作権に関するリスクをどう認識しているか、米証券取引委員会(SEC)に対してどう説明するかも見もの。また、両社が最近、各レーベルと急いで提携にこぎ着けたのは、デジタル権利管理(DRM)を気にしている現れであると見る。また、Google Video上でビデオクリップを販売する一方で、YouTube上で同じコンテンツが無料で配信される矛盾をどう解決するのかも見ものである、としている。(ITmedia News



 インターネットビデオは比較的新しいが、アナリストは、その可能性は大きいとしている。YouTubeは創業2年にも満たないが、Web測定会社comScore Networksの8月のデータによると、既に15歳以上のユーザーは月間約2700万人、Webページアクセス件数は46億7000万件にも上る。(ITmedia News





“9/11/01 AS IT HAPPENED”というストリーミング・ビデオで、当日放送された番組を第一報から約3時間に渡って、PART1PART2に分けて提供している。











『24』がこれから一体どこまで続くのか分からないけれど、『STAR TREK』シリーズのように、主役が全員ジジイに成るまで、是非とも続けていただきたい。


■もはやパラマウントにとってトップガンではなくなったトム・クルーズ きっかけはサイエントロジー?

Tomcruise_scientomogy パラマウントから三行半を叩きつけられたトム君。本人は自分から辞めたんだと言い張っているらしい。最新のフォーチュン誌(日本語版10月号)では世界一のセレブに選ばれていたというのに・・・。

日本じゃあんまり報道されていなかったけれど、実はトム・クルーズはサイエントロジーの熱心な信者で、それが理由かどうか分からないが、オフスクリーンでの彼の異常な振る舞いは去年の5月に人気トーク番組"The Oprah Winfrey Show" にゲスト出演したころから巷で話題に成っていた。

しかしそもそもの発端は2003年11月、映画『ラストサムライ』の公開に併せて放送されたCNNのLARRY KING LIVEに出演した際に、幼少時に俳優としては致命的な難読症(文字が読めないという機能障害。本人はあくまで注意欠如障害だということで否定している)を患っていたトム君が、サイエントロジーに入信してこの病気を克服したという話をCOMING OUTして話題になったのだけど、その番組の中で彼はラリーを相手に如何にサイエントロジーが素晴らしいかを興奮しながら延々と語ったのだ。




そんな訳で、「SOUTH PARK」でトム・クルーズとサイエントロジー、そして彼が隠れゲイであることを茶化したエピソード“Tom Cruise Trapped in the Closet"が放送されると、今度はこの内容がほんとに滅茶苦茶辛らつだったので、YouTubeなんかでも沢山ポストされて人気コンテンツに成った。



そんな訳で、マイケル・ジャクソン以上に変人扱いされるように成ったトム君がパラマウントに切られた理由は、「最近の彼の行為がパラマウントとしては受け入れがたいものであるから( "His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.")」っていうんだけど、結局はここ数年の極端なイメージダウンと、その影響で最新作の「MI-3」の興行成績が予想を大幅に下回ったことが直接的な原因とみられている。

"Mission Impossible: III" grossed $47.7 million in its first three days in North America, well short of the $60 million to $70 million expected by industry watchers.

The film went on to amass $393 million in ticket sales around the world, a tidy sum but far less than his previous release from Paramount, "War of the Worlds," which topped $591 million at the global box office.










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■広告の注目度は「テレビ>>新聞>バナー広告」(IT media News







■2010年までに少なくとも600万点を公開予定(ITmedia NEWS






Google Videoもそうだけど、地球規模で知の資産を共有化しようという動きが活性化しているように見える。同様の取り組みにアメリカ議会図書館の「WORLD DIGITAL LIBRARY計画」があるけれど、Googleはこのプロジェクトに300万ドルを寄付するという。

Googleが出版業界の反発をものともせずにスタートした書籍検索プロジェクト「Google Print」で著作権が消滅した書籍の全文検索サービスをリリースしたのがキッカケに成ったのか、マイクロソフトが大英図書館の蔵書のデジタル化を支援したり、Yahoo!も同様の取り組み「Open Content Allicance (OCA)」を設立したり、とにかくメジャープレイヤー達が群雄割拠して覇権を競っている。

著作権という大きな壁があるにせよ、いわゆるパブリック・ドメインをどこまで拡張することが出来るのかがポイントになると思うけれど、こういうトレンドを肯定的に捉えると、かつて80年代にピーター・ラッセル博士が提唱した「Global Brain」の誕生が現実味を帯びてきた気がする。

【注目の新人ヴァイオリニスト ゾフィア・ヤッフェ】


3月4日の深夜、例によってチャンネルをザッピングしていたら、たまたま通りかかったBS-HIで「エリーザベト王妃国際音楽コンクール2005 バイオリン部門受賞者 ガラコンサート」というプログラムをやっていた。








ゾフィア・ヤッフェ ( 第3位 / ドイツ )
1. バイオリン協奏曲 第1番 イ短調 作品77 ショスタコーヴィチ作曲
[ アンコール ]
2. 無伴奏バイオリン・ソナタ 作品31第2 ヒンデミット作曲
ヨシフ・イワノフ ( 第2位 / ベルギー )
3. バイオリン協奏曲 ニ短調 作品47 シベリウス作曲
[ アンコール ]
4. 無伴奏バイオリン・ソナタ 第5番 イザイ作曲
セルゲイ・ハチャトゥリヤン ( 第1位 / アルメニア )
5. バイオリン協奏曲 ニ長調 作品61 ベートーベン作曲
[ アンコール ]
6. 無伴奏バイオリン・ソナタ 第2番 イ短調 BWV1003 から

管弦楽 リエージュ・フィルハーモニー管弦楽団
指 揮 ルイ・ラングレー

[ 収録: 2005年6月, パレ・デ・ボーザール 大ホール (ブリュッセル) ]

【Googleが映像サービス Google Videoをスタート】

■「Google Video」、米国立公文書館と共同で映像資料を公開 (CNET Japan



Googleに関しては、最近デスクトップサーチなどに関連して毀誉褒貶が激しいけれど、例えば「Google Earth」みたいなGoogleじゃなきゃできない、Googleならではの様々なサービスがどんどんスタートしていて、個人的にはある意味でインターネットの功罪の“功”の部分に対する貢献度は非常に高いのではないかと評価している。


でもこのCNETの記事にもある、INTERNET ARCHIVEが提供している過去100年間の各種ニュースフィルムやビデオコンテンツの膨大なアーカイブには、正直ビックリ。NHKのアーカイブも、是非オンラインで公開していただきたい。だってわざわざ埼玉の川口市まで行かなきゃ利用出来ないなんてね・・・。

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