Potential Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in Bermuda Triangle

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There appears to be a speculative discovery that has been made by French explorers that is being considered a monumental discovery. It is believed they discovered a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed— its origin, age and purpose are  completely unknown at this point. The picture below is fascinating.

Can You Spot the Possible UFO in This Time-Lapse Video of a Meteor Shower? (THE BLAZE)

Time Lapse Video of Geminid Meteor Shower Captures Potential UFO


Time-lapse videos of meteor showers are stunning. Footage of alleged UFOs are intriguing. But what do you get when you put the two of them together? A “dreamlapse.”

The video “Death Valley Dreamlapse” shows one team’s trek to the Eureka Dunes on Dec. 13, 2012, to catch the peak of the Geminid meteor shower.

” … we had to conquer epic climbs, sand roads with the 4×4 Jeep, and the occasional UFO,” Sunchaser Pictures writes on the video’s description.

UFO or not, this clip is absolutely beautiful and intriguing.

Prometheus Movie Film News, Trailers and More

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もう何年も前から、もう一度ALIENやBLADE RUNNERの様なSF作品を撮ってもらいたいと念願していたので、今から待ち遠しくて、特設サイトにハマっている。



■おとといCNNを観ていたらLARRY KING LIVEで昨年に引き続き、今年1月8日にTEXASで起きたUFO騒動について、軍関係の目撃者やUFOLOGYの専門家、そしてもちろん懐疑派の専門家も出演して真剣なディスカッションを繰り広げていていた。(TRANSCRIPTS: UFOS: QUESTIONS & CONTROVERSY)

ところで、LARRY KING LIVEでは昨年11月12日にワシントンDCの記者クラブで開催された7カ国・15名の政府関係者、軍関係者や諜報機関関係者などによる大規模なUFOの目撃の宣誓証言の記者会見の出演者たちをゲストに、何本かの貴重な映像資料と一緒に、その内容を相当詳しく紹介していた。(CNN Video/ Larry King: Are UFOs for real?)(TRANSCRIPTS/UFOs: Are They for Real?)

この記者会見をオーガナイズしたのは、去年の3月に例のPHENIX LIGHTの目撃をCOMING OUTした、元アリゾナ州知事のFIFE SYMINGTONさん(上写真最後列の左から2番目)だという。(参考:【祝!フランス国立宇宙研究センターがUFO情報を公開】



Click on the name to read the statement

Wilfried DE BROUWER, Major General, Ret.
After spending 20 years as a fighter pilot, he was appointed to the Strategic Planning Branch in NATO while a Colonel in 1983. He then became Wing Commander of the Belgian Air Force Transport Wing and, in 1989, chief of the Operations Division in the Air Staff. It was in this function that he was confronted with the Belgian UFO wave. Promoted to Major General in 1991, he became Deputy Chief of Staff of the Belgian Air Force, in charge of Operations, Planning and Human Resources. General De Brouwer retired in 1995 and subsequently worked more than ten years as consultant in the United Nations to improve the UN Logistics rapid response capabilities during emergencies.

Dr. Claude POHER, engineer, astronomer and astrophysicist.
Had a 33 year career in space research at CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), the French equivilant of NASA and was awarded the National Order of Merit. In 1977, he created and directed, at CNES, the GEPAN (Groupe d’Etude des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non identifiés ; Group for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena), the official French agency dedicated to the investigation and analysis of UFO reports. (Today, the agency is called GEIPAN.) He investigated numerous well-documented UFO cases while training investigators for GEPAN.

Jean-Charles DUBOC, Captain, Air France, Ret.
While piloting an Airbus A 320 over France in 1994, he observed a large lens-shaped UFO at about 25 NM to the left of the plane, also seen by the copilot and one steward. It didn’t move and then disappeared after one minute almost instantaneously. Duboc reported the sighting to Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Operations (CODA); simultaneously CODA recorded an unidentified object on radar crossing the track of the plane. The object seemed to disappear from the radar scope at the same instant as it did from the view of the crew. CODA investigations ruled out a weather balloon or any other aircraft.

Dr. Jean-Claude RIBES, Astrophysicist.
Radio Astronomer, Paris Observatory and associate director of National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics. Member, New York Academy of Sciences. Contributed to the COMETA report, 1999, and the new book "Phenomenes spatiaux non identifies." As a long term consultant to GEIPAN, he was asked by the Steering Committee to represent GEIPAN at this event.

Parviz JAFARI, General, Iranian Air Force, Ret.
In 1976, as a major and squadron commander, he was ordered by the Air Force Command to approach, in his Phantom F-4 jet, a large UFO observed over Tehran. During a wild cat and mouse chase, he attempted to launch a Sidewinder missile at the brilliant object but at that instant his fire control consul became inoperable. The UFO exhibited an extraordinary degree of maneuverability. Other electromagnetic effects were reported. The object was pursued by a second pilot, recorded on radar and witnessed by a General and experienced air navigation crews. A US Government officer interviewed Jafari in Tehran and the incident was described in a detailed US Defense Intelligence Agency document, released through the Freedom of Information Act. The DIA assessment said “This case is a classic that meets all the necessary conditions for a legitimate study of the UFO phenomenon.” Later, as a General, Jafari became the coordinating officer between the Iranian Army, Navy and Air Force. He retired in 1989.

Rodrigo Bravo GARRIDO, Captain and Pilot for the Aviation Army of Chile.
In 2000, he was assigned to conduct an internal study titled "Introduction to Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon and their considerations for aerospace security" involving previous case reports military planes encounters with UAP. For the last several years he has continued this research on recent and current cases affecting aviation safety in cooperation with the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), a branch of the General Administration of Civil Aeronautics, Chile's FAA.

Comandante Oscar Alfonso SANTA MARIA HUERTAS
Commander with the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), Ret. Specialization as an Air Force fighter jet pilot. In 1980, while a FAP Lieutenant, he encountered a UFO while flying his SU-22 "SUKOI" jet over the La Joya Military Base. He fired at the object, strafing it with sixty-four 30mm rounds, but the UFO remained unaffected. A US Department of Defense document for the CIA and the NSA, titled “UFO Sighted in Peru,” describes the incident. “The Peruvian Air Force tried to intercept and destroy the UFO, but without success," it states, adding that the vehicle’s origin remains unknown. CMDT Santa Maris is currently a Flight Safety and Accident Prevention Consultant for the airline industry.

Dr. Anthony CHOY
Lawyer and founding member in 2001 of the Air Anomalous Phenomenon Investigation Office (OIFAA), of the Peruvian Air Force, with a Masters from the Peruvian Air Force in High Management in Defense and Aerospace Development. He conducted a three year investigation on a sequence of sightings and landings of a UFO on behalf of the OIFAA in 2002, which were recorded on video. In 2003, this case became the first official UFO investigation in Perú to be disclosed by the Air Force.

Ray BOWYER, Captain, Aurigny Airlines.
In April 2007 he observed a UFO estimated as being up to a mile long, visible from about 50 miles away, in the vicinity of the Channel Islands. Some of his passengers saw the object, as did at least one other pilot in the area. An anomalous radar return was detected and the incident was reported by the BBC.

Nick POPE, official for the UK's Ministry of Defence from 1985 to 2006.
From 1991 to 1994, he was the desk officer responsible for investigating officially documented UFO sightings to determine whether they involved any potential threat to the UK. As a result of his thorough study of some incidents involving the police and military during his watch, he and some colleagues became privately convinced that there were important defense, national security and flight safety issues involved with the unexplained phenomenon.

Also stationed at RAF Bentwaters, he witnessed a landed UFO with two military patrolman in nearby Rendlesham Forest. He conducted a 45 minute ground investigation and filed an official report. He has the original log book with drawings including details of symbols on the craft; radiation records; and plaster casts of landing gear imprints. He is the only person out the three witnesses that actually touched the UFO.

Charles HALT, Col. USAF Ret.
Deputy Base Commander of RAF Bentwaters, former US Air Force facility in the UK. He witnessed multiple UFOs at close range with six other military personnel in December, 1980, and documented this event on a pocket tape recorder. He also saw a UFO shooting beams into sensitive weapons storage areas at the base. He wrote an official memorandum for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) describing a UFO maneuvering through the forest and ascending, which was released through the US Freedom of Information Act.

Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington DC, for 6 years during the 1980’s. He investigated an incident in which a 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight was followed by an unidentified object for 31 minutes over Alaska. The UFO also trailed a United Airlines flight until the flight landed. Data includes visual confirmation, air-based and ground-based radar confirmation, videotape radar evidence, air traffic voice communications and official reports.

Two term Governor of Arizona in the nineties; cousin of the late Missouri Senator Stuart Symington; former Captain, USAF. While Governor, he witnessed to a massive craft up to a mile across over Arizona in 1997, also seen by hundreds of citizens. Although he attempted to investigate at the time, he also publicly spoofed the sighting so as not to add to the public hysteria, while keeping his own observation secret. He first revealed his sighting last March, and states that the craft is of unknown origin and the incident remains unsolved.





ちなみに、この両方の番組に出演していたのは、UFOのドキュメンタリー映画「OUT OF THE BLUE」の製作者のJAMES FOXで、番組内ではその映像が大量に使用されていたが、この記者会見の企画自体JAMES FOX氏によるもので、彼のサイトで記者会見の模様を一部観ることが出来るし(OUT OF THE BLUE / NEWS)、近々に会見の模様をまとめたDVDもリリースされるようだ。

そういえば、前述のLARRY KING LIVE "UFOs: Are They for Real?"には、何とアノ“元祖NEW AGER”である女優のシャーリー・マクレーンも出演していて、非常に興味深い意見を述べていた。

KING: And you've got -- the Vatican said something?

MACLAINE: Yes. Now, this is interest in relation to the question and problem of religion and God. Padre Balducci -- a wonderful man, Monsignor Balducci -- very close to each pope. He has come out with a statement. You see how thick it is, so I can't read it. They're real, they have discussed what to do about it. Vatican intelligence would really like to discuss it.
That's the problem here. We need the governments to reveal these files. The Chinese have done it. The Brazilians have done it. The French did it about a month ago and it so lit up their switchboard it crashed their Net.
So I think the people are way ahead of military intelligence.

KING: Well, what is the -- since they're not attacking us and they have been seen for years, what's the fear?
What's the government's fear?

MACLAINE: That's an interesting question. I've been working with Paul Hillard. He's the minister -- the ex-minister of defense, Canada, under Trudeau. He is upset because the Americans are planning the weaponization of space, as though they are enemies.

KING: Really?

MACLAINE: Yes. And it is very troubling to him. It came out of a project called Project Paper Clip, in which -- and this is what Eisenhower warned us against -- the sustention of the military industrial complex. In order to extend the power and the funding of the military industrial complex, you have to be afraid of things. Number one was communism. If that petered out, number two is terrorism. That's here for a while.
Number three is asteroids.
And number four is extraterrestrials.
So there might be a built in reasoning here to have induced fear just to keep the military industrial complex going.


■Life on Mars? Amazing photos from Nasa probe reveal mystery figure on Red Planet (DAILY MAIL)


ただこの写真に関していうと、確かに“BIG FOOT”のような人影が歩いているようにも見えるけれど、DAILY MAIL誌のサイトに掲載されている他の写真と並べてみると、もしかしたら単なる光の加減で岩陰がそのように見えているのではないかとも思える。(NASAのサイトのイメージファイル:ファイルを拡大すると左の端っこのほうに居る)


少なくともCNNのような世界中で視聴されているチャンネルで、しかもアメリカ大統領をはじめとする世界の主要な政治指導者や、ハリウッド・スターやセレブリティが頻繁にゲスト出演する(つまり極めて重要な番組として認知されている)LARRY KING LIVEのような番組で、しごく真面目にUFOが語られるのは、その内容もそうだけれど、よく考えてみれば物凄いことだ。

もしかしたら、LARRY KINGはアメリカ政府公認の“UFO広報担当官”だったりして?

ところで日本のマスメディアでは冒頭の記者会見は全く報道されていないけれど、どうしてなんだろうね?このサイト(Media Coverage of Nov.12th UFO Press Conference)を見ると、人民日報なんかも取り上げているのに日本のメディアは皆無・・・。まったくどうなっちゃってんの?

ちなみに、LARRY KING LIVEの番組の中で、出演者の一人が、「本格的な情報公開が近づいていると思う。ブラジルやイギリス、オーストラリアや日本など、次々に各国の政府機関がファイルを公開しはじめている。日本が打ち上げた月面観測衛星(かぐや)が撮影した映像の中に巨大な物体が写っていたことがわかり、その直後に突然日本の閣僚3名が、UFOの存在を認める発言をしているのは興味深いことだ。」というコメントがあって驚いた。

KING: Ken, was that you that wanted to say something?

CHERRY: Yes. Yes. I think we are getting closer to full disclosure. We have government after government that are opening their files -- the Brazilians, the British, the Australians, the Japanese. We've had three cabinet members recently express their belief in UFOs. And I find it kind of interesting that they now have a satellite crisscrossing the moon taking photos and there have been some anomalous objects in some of those photographs. And suddenly three high-ranking cabinet members that say hey, we believe in UFOs.


【最初のUFO目撃証言から60年―KENNETH ARNOLDの場合】





1947-The Kenneth Arnold Sighting (ALL ABOUT)

Summary: There have been UFO sightings ever since man roamed the Earth. There exist many paintings of centuries past that depict unusual flying objects in the sky. Folklore of many early peoples are filled with stories of strange objects flying through the skies. However, most Ufologists credit pilot Kenneth Arnold's UFO sighting of 1947 as the beginning of the modern UFO age.

The Kenneth Arnold Page (PROJECT 1947)

Pendleton, Oregon East Oregonian - June 26, 1947

Boise Flyer Maintains He Saw 'Em 
Kenneth Arnold Sticks To Story of Seeing Nine Mysterious Objects Flying At Speed Of 1200 Miles An Hour Over Mountains 


Kenneth Arnold, a six-foot, 200-pound flying Boise, Ida., business man, was about the only person today who believed he saw nine mysterious objects -- as big as four-engined airplanes -- whizzing over western Washington at 1200 miles an hour. 

      Army and civilian air experts either expressed polite incredulity or scoffed openly at Mr. Arnold's story, but the 32-year-old one time Minot, N.D. football star, clung to his story of shiny, flat objects racing over the Cascade mountains with a peculiar weaving motion "like the tail of a Chinese kite." 

      A CAA inspector in Portland, quoted by the Associated Press, said: "I rather doubt that anything would be traveling that fast."

【今夜のJAM THE WORLDはフランスのUFO情報公開を特集】

3月24日のエントリーで取り上げたフランス国立宇宙研究センター(CNES=“クネス”)のUFO現象を調査研究する専門部署であるGEIPAN(=“ジェイパン”)による情報公開について、今夜放送したJAM THE WORLDの「15 MIN.」というコーナーで特集した。

この件について、誰に話を聞くべきかと悩んだあげく、結局CNESに直接コンタクトするのがベストだろうということで、友人のフランス人、Olivier Voisinのコネクションを使ってフランス大使館の中にあるCNESの東京事務所の代表、Mathieu Grialou氏にインタビューを敢行した。





Q-1: CNESの紹介

CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) フランス国立宇宙研究センターについて

Public organisation created in 1961 (昭和36年) to propose and implement France’s space policy, according to the needs of the users’ community and of the government.

One of the major actor in Europe (with Germany, Italy and UK) for space development. Fields of activity : access to space (launchers), sustainable development (Earth observation satellites), scientific missions, telecommunications, defense, etc. International cooperations: mainly with Europe (through the European Space Agency), but also with the other “space powers” (USA, Russia, Japan, India, China) and the other countries. Staff of 2 400 persons on 4 locations (Paris, Evry, Toulouse and Kourou in South America).

CNES Office in Tokyo: created in 1999 to increase the cooperation with the japanese space agencies (now JAXA), and the space community in Japan.

NASA and CNES are the only space agencies with a dedicated office in Japan. Missions: information exchange, promotion of cooperations, logistical support to the missions of French delegations in Japan, etc.

Q-2: 公開後の反響はいかがですか?

Response to the release of the archives: wide coverage from the french media, because the topic is a passionate one, on which most of the population has a belief or a position.

Strong reaction of the public (the website was unable to accept such a huge traffic and the server went down a few hours after the release. Now stable). However, for the UFOlogists, there were no really “new” cases ...ositionons is topic. pic. But m

No pressure from the USA, as far as I know. The files deal with cases that happened on the french ground only, and we are not speaking about Roswell ... No comments from UK as far as I know, but I am based in Japan, so it is far away ...

A necessary explanation of the vocabulary:

In English UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is the usual term. It relates to OVNI in french, which has the same meaning (Objet Volant Non Identifie). However, in most cases, we have only optical or atmospheric phenomenons (and no physical object !), so GEIPAN uses the noun PAN (Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non-identifies), which in english would be Unidentified Aerospace Phenomenons (UAP, but the noun is probably not spread among the english-speaking countries), and in japanese the noun would be 大気圏・宇宙空間 非確認現象.

Q-3: CNESのUFO担当部署「GEIPAN」は普段、どのような研究・活動をしているのでしょうか?

Usually they do a less impressive work than the Men in Black or the officers of the X-Files ... More seriously, GEIPAN is only a small office (1 person with part-time workers in standard configuration).

The group is in charge of collecting telephone calls of cases (usually from the “Gendarmerie” (Military Police) network, or from the French Air Force.

Usually 50 new cases per year. The action is then to cross-check the information with other sources: meteorology (sounding balloons activities with Meteo-France, special atmospheric phenomenons) air traffic status, radar traces (need to act quickly because the files are not kept more than a few days due to lack of archiving space), military activities (were they exercice operation that could be mistaken with something else?), astronomy (is the sky in a specific configuration that could create bad interpretation of natural phenomenons? Moon and Venus can sometimes create illusions when they are low on the horizon ...), space activities (known activity of re-entry bodies ? contact with NORAD and ESA), ground activity (is there a special event ? fireworks ? a concert ? a new discotheque with spectacular laser effects ?).

The work is then mainly data filing and archiving. But on some cases including a large number of witnesses (or with evidence on the ground), GEIPAN can join the MP to take part in investigations on the spot and a psychological interview of the witnesses.

With all this information, GEIPAN can activate a network of several scientific experts (in all the fields) and try to find explanations for the phenomenon. It then archives the case with a ranking from A to D (which is shown on the website):

A/ case closed. Everything explained.

B/ no evidence, but the experts are intimately convinced by a natural explanation.

C/ not able to investigate because lack of information/source.

D/ lot of information (often detailed) but no explanation.

Then, a great time will be now dedicated to the information (the “I” of GEIPAN). Publishing files, scanning documents, etc. GEIPAN is also trying to inform the potential viewers on how to be accurate when describing what they might see: brochures on “how to describe” (distance, angular distance, timing, ...) will be distributed to the Amateur Astronomical Associations, or to the military pilots, the civil pilots or private pilots, all being people who are often looking at the sky ...

Q-4: なぜ、いま、UFOに関する情報を世界に公開することになったのですか?

To answer that, a brief history of the Group is necessary:

In 1977 CNES created GEPAN, to investigate PANs, under the control of a scientific committee designated by the President of CNES. In 1988 GEPAN was terminated. It was then soon followed by the SEPRA (Service d’Etudes des Phenomenes de Rentree Atmospherique / Service for the Study of Atmospheric Re-entry Phenomenons), but without the scientific committee.

SEPRA was then in a position where it was not able to publish on its works, due to a lack of scientific support. Other factor: it was not possible to publish the investigation files, because there was no such agreement with the Military Police. Hence almost 20 years of silence, with the frustration of the ufologists community, and also on a smaller scale from the tax-payers (CNES budget is a public budget).

Moreover, the former director of SEPRA became biased, favouring the ET hypothesis and then reducing the credibility of the Agency. SEPRA was then terminated in 2005 and replaced by GEIPAN, adding a “I” to the missions of the group and beginning a process of transparent work.

Q-5: 今回、公開されたような情報は他の国も持っていると想われますか?

- waiting for CNES answer on this question – I know that you can ask case-by-case in the USA, but CNES is the first agency to realize such an operation.

- if you know for Japan, please let me know ...

Q-6: CNES内部で公開に反対する意見は出なかったのでしょうか?

Basically, not really, because the approach of GEIPAN is a scientific one. There is no will to demonstrate an alien presence.

GEIPAN is just here to try to give explanations to unknown phenomenons, one of the roles of Science (for example, until the beginning of the 19th century scientists didn’t believe stones could fall from the sky ; today we know there are 20 000 tons/year of meteorites (mostly dust) ...).

Most of the case find very rational explanations indeed. The credibility of CNES is not a stake as long as GEIPAN keeps this rational approach.

CNES was deemed the most appropriate agency in France to host this group, mainly because of 3 reasons: it is a civil agency (no pressure due to “defense secrets”), it is a space agency (and most of the phenomenons occur in “space” (i.e. the atmosphere), it is a public agency (not financial interest or pressures, and respect of ethics like the privacy of the witnesses).

Q-7: 過去に同じ試みは企画されなかった?

Not as far as I know.

Q-8: 一部UFOマニアの間では「来るべき宇宙人のコンタクトに向けて、ショックを受けないための地ならしだ」という意見がありますが、それについてはどのように感じますか?

This matter is beyond the role of GEIPAN ... But a personnal answer is proposed in Q-10.

Q-9: UFOlogyをどう思いますか?

There are a lot of unexplained phenomenons, not only in the sky, and it is in the Human Nature to try to explain them.

However, UFOlogist very often use a false method, where you start from the conclusion and you try to demonstrate it. That is mainly the reason why the topic is extremely sensitive among the scientific community, and because experts do not want to be associated with this work.

Maybe the approach of GEIPAN will contribute to rally this doutbful scientific community and have the experts contribute to explain those phenomenons.

Q-10: Grialouさんご自身、UFOは存在すると想われますか?

This is very much linked to a “bigger” question which is “Are we alone in the Universe ?”. And this question is a very serious one, with most of the space agencies dedicating big budgets to explore for example Mars, or later Titan around Saturn, or later the satellites of Jupiter, and to try to see if those bodies could have harboured life or are at present ... Most of the future space exploration missions will try to answer this question.

We don’t think only about our solar system, but also beyond, with for example the launching of the satellite “COROT” by CNES last year, dedicated to find “exoplanets” in other solar systems.

This is a fundamental question, and now a large majority of scientists believe there is Life elsewhere in the Universe, and it is just a matter of time before we find it.

The theory of “Panspermia”, with life travelling onboard asteroids and “pollinating” planets is also a theory that emerged recently.

The SETI program is also a famous example of this interest of the scientific community. We understand that the conditions of the emergence of Life are very unprobable, but this surely is compensated by the huge number of stars in the Universe.

Personnaly, I believe we started to believe the Earth was the center of the Universe, but we know it’s not the case ... so if you look at the probabilities, there is no reason the Earth should be the center of Life ... For those interested in this topic, there is at present (and until July) an exhibition in Paris (Cite des Sciences de La Villette) (in french and in english).

(See http://www.cite-sciences.fr/english/ala_cite/exhibitions/extraterrestrial-life/)

The question of UFOs, is just a small extension of the first one: what is the probability that an “intelligent” life form may have found us and is trying to contact us?

Personnaly, I have the feeling that the probability of finding a life form with a roughly similar stage of development than ours is very limited (Too primitive = can’t communicate ; too advanced = don’t want to communicate). But unfortunately we don’t have enough matter to lead a scientific demonstration of this.

Q-11: 信用に足る情報が全体の4分の1存在するということですが、具体的にはどの資料を指しているのでしょうか?

GEIPAN has archived between 1988 and 2005 almost 1600 cases (with 6000 witnesses). Most of the cases are explained (A cases), whether by false declarations (but astonishingly very scarce) or by natural phenomenons (lightnings, clouds, “human” space bodies (like the re-entry of the 3rd stage of a Proton rocket in 1990, with 800 witnesses), or other explanations (german WW2 small artillery self-propelled shell that was consumed several years later in the sky after spending most of its time in the ground ...)).

There are also natural phenomenons that are not fully explained as of today: for example “ball lighting” that produces balls of fire capable of sustension during several seconds ...

There is however almost one quarter, or 20% depending on how you count, of the cases that have detailed information but no explanations. The witnesses have been judged not mentally insane by psychological review. Some of the confusing cases are the following:

- Cussac in 1967 (昭和42年): two children mentionned having seen a small round spacecraft with little black humanoids in a field. The ball took off rapidly in the sky. Traces were found on the ground.

- Trans-en-provence in 1981 (昭和56年): a man observed during 30 seconds a sphere that had landed in his garden. Traces on the ground were analysed.

- Nancy in 1982 (昭和57年): landing of a cigar-shaped object (1,5 m of diameter) on the ground. The landing had an influence on the plants close to the site, that were analysed later.

- Air France Flight Nice-London in 1994 (平成6年): the pilots observed a very large shape (1000m x 100m) in the air. The observation was seen also by a military radar on the ground.

Q-12: まだ公開を控えているUFO関連の情報はあるのでしょうか?

GEIPAN would like to extend its work and go back further in the past to publish the cases located between 1954 and 1977, but we have very few documentation on those cases. Generally speaking GEIPAN is working with 100% transparency and no raw information is hidden.


今回は、残念ながら1999年同じくフランス政府と軍関係者、科学アカデミーのメンバーが中心になって作成され、当時のシラク大統領とジャスパン総理大臣に提出された「COMETA REPORT」については触れることが出来なかった。

Grialouさん自身が、フランス政府からCOMETA REPORTについて言及してよいか、時間の関係で承認が得られなかったからだが、インタビューの収録後に「COMETAレポートの内容を実際に読んでみると、そこに関わっている人々がフランス政府の極めて高い地位にある要人ばかりだし、記述されている内容も非常にセンシティブなものなので、限られた時間の中で気軽にコメントするわけには行かない。今回は申し訳ないが発言を差し控えたい。」とのことだった。残念だけど、仕方が無い。











■France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years(YAHOO NEWS





■世界初、UFO情報をネット公開=過去50年余の報告例―仏(livedoor NEWS





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  • の6つしか用意されていないし、ほとんどの情報が収納されている「Documentation 」と「Recherche 」は調査報告書とか、目撃者による供述書のPDFが山のように収められていて、とにかくダウンロードしてみないと、どんな資料なのか分からない。サーチ機能もないしな・・・。せめて画像ファイルとか別メニューにしてもらいたかった。


    と思っていたら、UFO関係でもう一つニュースがあった。こっちはアメリカの政界関係者としては初めてのケースで、アリゾナ元州知事によるUFO目撃のCOMING OUTだ。

    ■'Phoenix Lights' a UFO? (CNN.COM/VIDEO)

    A former governor now says an event in the sky may have been a UFO. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports. (March 22)


    パパ・ブッシュが大統領をやっていた時代にアリゾナ州知事を6年間勤め、ベトナム戦争に空軍パイロットとして従軍した経験を持つFife Symington氏(共和党)が、1997年の3月13日からアリゾナの空に数夜に渡って出現し、数千人に目撃され、多くの映像が記録され、後に「PHENIX LIGHTS」と呼ばれることになったUFOを目撃したことを、公式に認めたという。





    サイミントン氏は最新のUFO記録映画「OUT OF THE BLUE」(GOOGLE VIDEO)の中でもこの話をしているらしいし、またUFOの情報公開を求める市民グループ「COALITION FOR THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION」にも協力しているという 。

    Google Videoで観る事が出来る「OUT OF THE BLUE」は、元々SciFiチャンネルで放送されたもののようだけど、UFOを扱ったビデオ資料としては、証言者として登場する人々の顔ぶれと経歴もアメリカ、ロシア、フランスの政府高官、軍人、科学者、宇宙飛行士、etc.、いずれも驚くばかりの面々で、4月にリリースされるというアップデート版のパッケージが非常に期待される。

    そしてその中で、1999年にリリースされ、この10年間で最も重要なUFO調査報告書として紹介されているのが、フランスの軍、科学アカデミーの最高レベルの人々が中心に成って作成し、フランスのシラク大統領とジャスパン総理大臣に提出されたという「COMETA REPORT」だ。

    In 1999 an important document was published in France entitled, UFOs and Defense: What must we be prepared for? ("Les Ovni Et La Defense: A quoi doit-on se préparer?"). This ninety-page report is the result of an in-depth study of UFOs, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of national defense.

    The study was carried out over several years by an independent group of former "auditors" at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense, or IHEDN, and by qualified experts from various fields.

    Before its public release, it has been sent to French President Jacques Chirac and to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.

    The report is prefaced by General Bernard Norlain of the Air Force, former Director of IHEDN, and it begins with a preamble by André Lebeau, former President of the National Center for Space Studies (Centre National D’études Spatiales), or CNES, the French equivalent of NASA.

    The group itself, collective author of the report, is an association of experts, many of whom are or have been auditors of IHEDN, and it is presided over by General Denis Letty of the Air Force, former auditor (FA) of IHEDN.



    残念ながらこのレポートは、フランス以外の国では出版すらされていないが、(ちなみにフランスでは、アメリカのTIME LIFEにあたるVSD社から出版された。)英語版のPDFは、ここでダウンロードできる。



    ということはつまり、今回の情報公開はこの「COMETA REPORT」が基に成っていると考えてほぼ間違いないだろう。実際に、CNES du GEIPANサイトのDocumentationのトップにオリジナルのPDFが収められている。




    【今夜のJAM THE WORLDは、フランスUFO情報公開特集】




    ■メキシコ空軍がUFOを撮影したというニュース (HotWired Japan4_22_051204_mexico_ufos 久々のUFO関連ニュースだ。数日前にこの映像をテレビでも紹介してた。問題の画像を紹介した番組のクリップがMSNBCにアップされている。

     匿名を条件に取材に応じた国防省の広報担当は11日、この映像はメキシコ空軍に所属する軍人が撮影したものであると認めたが、それ以上のコメントは避けた。  この映像はまず10日夜に全国ネットのテレビで放映され、次にハイメ・マウサン氏による記者会見で再度流された。マウサン氏はこの10年間、UFOの研究に打ち込んでいるメキシコの超常現象研究家だ。  「これは歴史的なニュースだ」とマウサン氏は記者たちに語った。「(UFOに関する)映像は数多く存在するが、いかなる国であれ、軍が認めた映像は今まで1つもなかった……。軍隊が虚偽の映像を残すはずがない」  マウサン氏は、この映像をリカルド・ベガ・ガルシア国防長官から入手したと述べている。

    確か僕の記憶だと、ブラジルの空軍も公式にUFOの存在を認めているはずだけど、こういう映像が伴っていたかどうかは判らない。 ちなみに、時事通信によるとこのベガ国防相は映像の鑑定を科学者に依頼しているらしい。どんな結果が出るのか楽しみ。

     メキシコのベガ国防相は12日、同国空軍機が未確認飛行物体(UFO)を撮影したとし、UFOの正体特定に向けて映像の鑑定を科学者に依頼すると発表した。  このUFOは3月5日、メキシコ東部カンペチェ州の海岸上空で、麻薬密輸取り締まりのための偵察任務に就いていた空軍機搭乗員が赤外線カメラで撮影。映像を入手したメキシコのテレビ局テレビサが11日に放映した。映像には、11個前後の白い光点が速度を変えながら移動する光景が捕らえられている。  UFOの正体について、メキシコの天文学者らは気象現象の可能性もあるとし、結論を急ぐべきではないと語っている。(時事)

    それにしても、この記事を掲載しているHotWired Japanの関連リンクを覗いていたら、2001年ごろからのものも含めて結構興味深い記事が沢山あった。なかでも、“テロからUFOまで、政府文書公開サイト『ブラック・ボールト』”(HotWired Japan)で取り上げられているサイト『The Black Vault』はなかなか秀逸。 X-Filerなら誰でも知っている資料が網羅されていて、ちょっと覗くだけでモルダー気分が味わえる。